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ArriveCAN Information for Entering Canada

You must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information before your entry into Canada.

 Pre-entry tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada by land, air or water.

You must still use ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada. You will not be able to complete the form prior to the 72 hour time frame.

Fully vaccinated travelers are not exempt from mandatory randomized arrival testing. This is not a big deal. We can help you through the testing process.

 Who is exempt from arrival testing?

Already recovered: Travelers who provide a positive COVID-19 molecular test result, conducted at least 10 calendar days and no more than 180 calendar days before entering Canada. Counting starts the day after the test is taken.

  • for example, if your positive COVID-19 molecular test was taken on January 1, then January 11 would be the first day you could use it

If your positive proof is accepted, you won’t have to take arrival or Day-8 tests

 How to use ArriveCAN

All travelers, with limited exceptions, whether entering Canada by air, land, rail or marine vessel, must use ArriveCAN.

The app will ask:

  1. Reason for entering Canada – TOURISM
  2. How are you entering Canada – Air, Land, or Marine
  3. Port of Entry and Date of Arrival
  4. Contact Information – including government travel document number (passport/advanced driver’s license)
    1. If you are traveling with multiple people in (1) vehicle, you can have multiple people on (1) ArriveCAN form
  5. Travel details
    1. The mailing address for the lodge is PO Box 723, Dryden, ON P8N2Z4
    2. The physical address for the lodge to use in your quarantine plan is:

Location RK 911, Part 1,

 Plan 23R-3752 Lac Seul

Perrault Fall, ON

P0V 2K0 (the postal code is letter, number, letter, number, letter, number)

  1. Vaccination information
    1. including which vaccine(s) received (manufacturer)
    2. country where vaccination was received
    3. dates received
    4. You will need upload proof of vaccination – either take a photo with smart phone or scan vaccination card to upload on PC.

****Saved traveler feature****

The ‘saved traveler’ feature is optional for all travelers. It saves travel documents and proof of vaccination information in ArriveCAN for re-use on future trips. If you don’t use this feature, you’ll need to enter this information for each ArriveCAN submission. You can add, edit or delete travelers at any time.

When you have completed the form, you will receive a “receipt” in the app and by email. You will need to present this receipt to the border officer at your port of entry. You can show your ArriveCAN receipt from:

– the app            – a screenshot             – your email      – a printout

Traveling With Children

Children who are under 5 years of age

Children under 5 are exempt from vaccination requirements. They are also exempt from pre-entry testing, arrival testing and quarantine, without any limitations on their activities.

These exemptions apply only to the child, not to the parents, guardians or family members travelling together. Children who are 5 on the day of their travel are not exempt from testing requirements.

Children aged 5 through 11

Some federal rules for children entering Canada may be different from the provincial or territorial rules. In this case, you must follow the stricter rules.

*Fully vaccinated children

Adults travelling with fully vaccinated children should upload their children’s proof of vaccination into ArriveCAN. As fully vaccinated travelers, they aren’t required to provide proof of a pre-entry test result. They are also exempt from quarantine, without any limitations on their activities.

Arrival testing for children who qualify as fully vaccinated:

must be tested if they are selected for mandatory randomized testing but are not required to be tested if their accompanying parent is selected for mandatory randomized testing

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children 5 through 11 years old

Your accompanying unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children aged 5 and older must provide a valid pre-entry test result.

Options for providing proof of a valid pre-entry test

They will be exempt from quarantine, without any limitations on their activities. This means, for example, they don’t need to wait 14 days before attending school, camp or daycare. However they will need to wear a mask in public settings for 14 days after arrival to Canada.

Arrival testing for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children 5 through 11 years old:

must be tested if their accompanying parent is selected for mandatory randomized testing

Youth aged 12 to 17

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated youth 12 to 17 years of age must complete the 14-day quarantine, and all testing requirements for pre-entry, arrival and Day-8 tests, even when they are accompanied by travelers who qualify as a fully vaccinated traveler.

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