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Our Lodge Staff takes care of everything you need off the water, including daily maid service, meals and dining operations, checking in and out, and so much more! Our goal is to maintain a family-centered environment where both Guests and staff have a good experience, make memories, and can’t wait to return year after year.

We find that great customer service is a promise often made but rarely kept. That’s not the case at SWWL. The cornerstone of our management philosophy is a 100% commitment to quality customer service — a level of commitment that is matched by our staff.

And then we go the extra mile on top of that because that’s what Silver Water Wheel service is all about.

Meet Our Staff


Meet Your Hosts

Mike and Missy met while working at a Hunting Lodge in Michigan in 1998. Since then, they have been a team in all aspects of hunting and fishing lodge operations.

As the owner and operator of SWWL, Mike still guides every day. He is on the water because he loves it and because he believes an effective Guide Staff Manager has to be on the water alongside their crew to truly lead by example.

Mike’s educational background is in Fisheries Biology and has been guiding for more than 25 years. His guiding philosophies and strategies are founded in science, data collection, and experimentation — shaped by his commitment to quality customer service and a love for our big lakes.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you and your family!

Join the Silver Water Wheel Crew!

Join the Silver Water Wheel Crew! Enjoy beautiful views all season while creating the best fishing trip experience our Guests have ever had. Email us at to apply or learn about all SWWL employment opportunities!