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Fishing Report

Every day, our guides keep a careful record of lengths and locations of notably-sized fish as well as weather conditions, surface temperatures, and other observations that impact fishing success. And each week, this information is compiled to create our much-anticipated Lac Seul Fishing Report.

The systematic sharing of information is not only crucial for our crew to improve as anglers, but also as guides and hosts as we create incredible fishing experiences for our Guests.


July 20, 2024

It is always the Weather! It is the number one topic of conversation at every scheduled and unscheduled guide meeting. What was the wind yesterday? What is the forecast? How….

July 13, 2024

Summer Arrived At the end of last week, I predicted that there was a good chance for a walleye weed bite. It was hot, flat, and sunny and some walleyes….

July 6, 2024

Summer Delayed The past week was dominated by another major weather system. The week began with inches of rain, high winds and many days of cold weather. Anglers were wearing….

June 28, 2024

Cooler Weather, but the Hot bite continues: We ended the week with a massive weather system. We are talking about inches of rain, winds gusting to 30, and temperatures falling….

June 22, 2024

On Fire! We had a huge rainstorm earlier this week with inches of rain, but after that the weather could best be described as normal. Surface temperatures throughout the lake….

June 15, 2024

Changes! It was a typical week of mid-June weather; a little sun, some wind, and a cold front. The lake level continues to rise and is not far from normal…..

JUNE 8, 2024

Moving! It was a mixed week of weather with some sun, a cold front, and lots of wind. The result was fish on the move. At one round table last….

June 1, 2024

Be on your toes! The changes happen so fast this time of year. It was surprising to read the stats sheets from the beginning of the week to the end…..

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