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What to Expect

We provide all cabin amenities, such as bath and hand towels, facecloths, soap, toilet paper, sheets, blankets, pillows, drinking glasses, coffee cups, and paper towels. Our cabins are equipped with a Keurig K-Duo coffee maker and a variety of coffees, as well as a full-size refrigerator and a microwave.

Our suggested packing list includes:

  • rain gear (jacket and bibs/pants)
  • waterproof boots or shoes
  • beach towels
  • sunscreen
  • polarized sunglasses
  • clothing for layering (mornings can be cool)
  • swimsuits
  • a dry bag or some type of waterproof bag for personal items on the boat.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are all provided, but feel free to bring your favorite snacks for in-between. You can also bring any beverages you want for relaxing in the evening. Pop and bottled water are available on the fishing boats during the day.

When you arrive at your Canadian entry point, you will be asked a series of questions. Answer concisely and honestly. Some questions you may be asked include:

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to Canada? (A fishing trip!)
  2. How long will you be in Canada?
  3. Are you bringing alcohol into Canada? (You are allowed (1) case of beer or 40 ounces of liquor per person.)
  4. Are you transporting firearms into Canada? (Declare any that you are bringing, but remember, handguns are not allowed in Canada.)

You must have a Passport to enter Canada. If you are traveling with a child or grandchild, remember to bring their birth certificate (or passport) along with a letter from the child’s parent(s) saying they are aware that their child is traveling into Canada. The letter should include addresses, phone numbers, and a signature from any parent(s) not traveling with the child.

Check-in time is after 12:00 PM (noon). Our staff spends the morning of your arrival cleaning boats and cabins. Most groups grab lunch in Dryden before heading to the lodge (just over an hour drive). All boats and guides will be ready for an afternoon of fishing by 1:00 PM!

Check-out time is 8:30 AM. You are welcome to join us for breakfast before you depart.

  1. A fishing license. Our team can arrange pre-issued fishing licenses to save you time at check-in and get you on the water quicker. Otherwise, you can purchase them at the lodge upon your arrival or online at
    • Conservation License: Daily Limit: 2 Walleye / 2 Pike. An 8-day Conservation license is included in your trip package.
    • Sportsman License: Daily Limit: 4 Walleye / 2 Pike
  2. All SWWL boats are equipped with St. Croix Rods and Shimano Reels for our Guests to use, and our Guide Crew will have tackle available. The only additional costs would be for the replacement of a snagged lure.

There is no cellular service, but our Starlink Satellite Internet paired with a Ubiquity router system provides adequate WiFi service throughout the cabins and camp for WiFi calling, texting, and emailing.

While tipping is not required, it is a common way that Guests like to show their appreciation for our hardworking staff. Our crews are always appreciative, including the chefs and dining staff, our guest services team, and our fishing guides.

FLYING: Guests traveling on commercial airlines typically choose a connecting flight from Minneapolis, MN, to International Falls, MN, through Delta Airlines. From there, you will rent a car at the airport and follow the driving directions below for a scenic, 3-hour drive that gets you the rest of the way.

USING A GPS: Because we are in a remote location, GPS doesn’t always work like it should. If you are using a GPS-enabled device, we recommend that when you are leaving Dryden, search for “Silver Water Wheel Lodge” and select: “Silver Water Wheel Lodge, Kenora, Unorganized, ON P0V 2A0”, then follow the route that takes you up Hwy 601 out of Dryden.

You can also follow the directions provided below and the directional signs along the roadway to ensure you do not get lost:

  • Most of our Guests cross the border at International Falls, MN into Ft. Frances.
  • Take Hwy 11 east to Hwy 502 north to Dryden. Travel through Dryden past the paper mill, past the Safeway grocery store, and over the railroad tracks to the Hwy 17 intersection. Take a left at this set of lights heading west on Hwy 17.
  • At the very next set of lights there is the Dryden GM dealership on the north side of the road and the Ontario Government building across the street from the dealership. Turn north onto the road between the dealership and the government building (Hwy 601). Silver Water Wheel fingerboard signs will direct you the remaining 42 miles to the lodge.
  • Follow Highway 601 for 6.5 miles until it curves hard to the right. At this point, you will follow the gravel road straight ahead.
  • Follow the gravel road for approximately 1 mile.
  • Turn right onto North Road.
  • Follow North Road 10.1 miles to the railroad tracks.
  • 3 miles from the tracks, take the left fork at the “Y” (Road to Hudson/Marker 13).
  • 5.8 miles from the first “Y” take the right fork of the second “Y” (marker 19).
  • 6.7 miles from the second “Y,” take the right fork onto the smaller road.
  • This final stretch is 4.7 miles into the lodge.
  • Expect the trip from Ft. Frances to take you roughly 2 hours to Dryden. The trip from Dryden to the lodge can range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on the road conditions and the vehicle you are driving.
  • We advise Guests driving a car or low-setting vehicle to use extra caution as the road is a bit rough.