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Fishing Stats

There are many variables that can affect a fishing season, and we do our best to keep track of all of them. Without consistent fishing statistics, it’s impossible to analyze trends and continue providing the best experience possible.


2023 Fishing Season Stats

Despite the weather fluctuations throughout the season, our year-end stats remained consistently strong for all 3 key species:

Total walleyes and walleyes over 24 inches were very close to last season, and the number of master angler walleyes was up with four fish over 32 inches.

In 2022, our pike stats were off the charts due to super-high waters that kept the big ones shallow until June 1. In 2023, we did not have that pattern, but we continued to pursue big pikes throughout the season. We ended the year with 68 fish over 40 inches, which is the same result as last season. The bottom line is that we have a great big pike fishery, and the guides know how to read the groups and the conditions.

Our smallmouth bass season is a very narrow window, and for many years, the groups that cared to chase them did not line up with the weather. However, this year was a smash. We caught and released 135 smallmouths over 19 inches — including 23 fish over 20 inches.

The seasons, lake level, and weather are more variable than ever, but the great equalizer is the guide staff. We talk, share, and adjust — crafting an amazing experience regardless of lake conditions.


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