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August 24, 2012


Hello Folks!

We have once again reached the fall season here at the Silver Water Wheel Lodge. Mike, Missy and the kids have headed back to Iowa. The cold weather is not yet here, but the trees are turning, the wind is blowing, and we have had several powerful storms move through this week. All this wind has stirred up the lake significantly by mixing the water around (we call this the “blender effect”) and what follows is a scattering bait and as a result, a scattering of fish behaviors.

The walleye fishing was stable early in the week, with most guides finding success by fishing deep (30+) on both sand and rock. But then the storms and the wind came and shook all that up. A powerful 3 hour electrical storm made for a slow day following, and the next day a similar system moved through. In general, continued high winds and storm systems have this week a harder week for “easy street” guiding, but we still managed to pull it off in style. For the week we had 23 walleye over 27 inches with 2X28s, which is good considering there were less guides on the water (some days as few as 5). Daily guide sheets averaged 25-30 walleye over 18in. per day. We did have to find fish in more scattered depths (20-35ft.) and we are all watching out for changing trends put in motion by the mixing of water this week.

There are still some big incidental pike coming up while fishing deep water, (38s and a 42) but the big pike have yet to come shallow enough to target consistently. Only a few afternoons were spent checking on the pike bite, but this is something we are all watching out for and anticipating… there is nothing like big fall Lac Seul pike fishing!

This fall is shaping up to be a busy one with many great guests coming in – so that should mean good numbers, big fish, and lots for me to report for the next 4 weeks!

Have a great week and looking forward to the next report.

Jesse Wright

Senior Guide, Silver Water Wheel Lodge.

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