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August 30th, 2013


It has been an incredible week up here at Silver Water Wheel Lodge. But then again, I say that about most weeks on Lac Seul, as it is simply an incredible place!

The weather has been unseasonably warm, as it has been most everywhere this week. The temps were well above 30C on most days, with humidity so high that all of our big fish pictures on the photo board were curling up. I’m talking ‘bout hot! It is crazy to see the birch leaves turning yellow in the forest and the water temps reading 80F on top. So begins the most wonderful time of the year: Fall at The Wheel.

The fishing was great this week, although there were some hard days, especially in the afternoons. The wind would lie down, the lake flattens out, and we have to play the 1/8th ounce jig game. That said, overall the fish cooperated and we found both numbers and size, and of course, had lot’s of fun. Much of our success this week came from jigging deep rock, moving at slow to moderate speeds, and gearing down to more finesse approaches when necessary. Our average depths were in a larger range than normal – 20 to 38 ft., with some fish also showing up in the mid teens, possibly progressing towards fall feeding trends.

This week our guests saw 41 Walleye over 27 inches, with 7 28s, 2 29s, and 2 30” fish being caught. Volume was also good, with guide sheets averaging 35 fish over 18” a day. The highest volume day saw one boat catch 82 walleyes over 18 inches! What a fishery, that’s all I can say.

These numbers are on pace with some of our best weeks this summer once you take into account that some of our guide staff (and fearless leader Mike Willems) are now off the water and finished for the season. But the 9 of us will keep hammering away, and it is looking like a great month coming up for those guests that have yet to arrive.

I describe the pike fishing this week as “on the verge”. There were a number of afternoons that guides dedicated to chasing big pike, but only 3 over 37” were found, with one 38. By “on the verge” I mean we are entering into the prime-time for hunting trophy pike on Lac Seul, but apparently they are not yet ready to commit. Even though we only boated a few big pike this week, the roundtable reports described at least a dozen fish over 40” seen following baits, or hooking up and getting off. So the big pike are now arriving to more targetable locations for their fall feed, and our guides are getting ready to chase them around for the next month.

That’s it for the report this week. I hope you all have a great week and check back in with us on Saturday for our next report.

Tight lines.

Jesse Wright

Senior Guide, Silver Water Wheel Lodge

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