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June 2, 2006


It was warm again this week (highs of 70-90) with just a few thunderstorms to make the day a challenge. Surface temps remained unusually high for this time of year. The coolest temps on the main lake were mid 50s, but today everything was above 60. Lake levels are rising at the expected gradual pace and the walleyes feel like they are at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The big news for the week was all around sky-high walleye volume. The average daily guiding sheet reported an average of 50 walleyes over 18 in. per boat and the highest daily total was a whopping 120. There were at least a dozen reports with more than 70 entries.

We had suspected for some time that Lac Seul had one unusually large year class of walleyes. Now that those fish have reached the 21-22 in. size, there is no doubt amongst the guide staff that this group of fish is dominating the stats sheets.

There were a few walleyes caught in very shallow water pitching and there was the odd fish caught out in 18-20, but the key zone this week for 90% of the eye’s was 8-13ft. The preferred presentation was a jig (with or without plastic) and a minnow. We are still catching walleyes in “typical” spring areas, but there are also lots of fish already on the main lake. Most are being caught in transition zones, but there are already a few fish showing up on the shallow side of summer structure.

The groups we had in this week were focused on the high volume walleye bite and we did not spend much time on pike or bass and the numbers reflect the effort. We didn’t see quite as many giant walleyes this week, but we did have 34 over 27 inches, including 13 – 28s and 2 – 29s. There were 4 pike over 37 in., including 2 – 39s. For the week we also had 10 bass reported over 17 inches and one was 20!

*** Cancellation Notice ***
I did receive a cancellation for the outpost on Vaughn lake for the week of July 8 – 15. This housekeeping cabin on Vaughn has direct boat access to Lac Seul and this time spot is prime for guys targeting Big walleyes. Call the lodge at 800 567 8538 for details.

Most of our groups fish on the fully guided plan using our boats, but I do have a time slot available for a group of 2-3 unguided that would like to fish with their own boat. The time frame is Aug. 11-16. The package would be American plan (all meals provided)and would include all gas, all live bait, con Fishing license, fish processing, ice, etc… $620 per person plus tax. I would also be able to include the option to use a guide for the first full day at no extra charge.

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