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June 23, 2006


The weather was unsettled this week with showers, variable winds, and a significant cold front. The result was a tougher walleye bite and a trend towards deeper water. The weed beds are virtually fully grown and the major mayfly hatch has yet to occur, but we are finding many walleyes in deeper water in and around the main lake basin. We fished many of these spots as we would in July or Aug. There were still some nice walleyes caught shallow, but not near the number you would normally expect for this time of year.

The walleye bite was tough at times this past week. Overall volume fell from “ridiculous” to good. Daily guide sheets still averaged more than 40 walleyes over 18 in. per boat, but there were times that you really had to slow down and work for the bites. The highest daily total for the week was 95. The big fish bite remained consistent. For the week, we caught and released 41 walleyes over 27 in. including 11 – 28s and 2 – 29s.

When the bite was tough, we all went to lighter jigs (1/4 oz.) and just a jig body with a minnow or “straight meat” (jig and minnow with no plastic). Especially during the last 3 days, most walleye action was found in 20 – 30 ft. And that is where almost all of the big fish were caught. Spinners and bouncers were working well earlier in the week when the fish were a bit more aggressive.

The bass bite also faltered this week. It seems very early for the bass to be shutting down for the season and we are hoping that this was another weather related change. For the week we caught and released 18 smallmouth over 17 in. including 5 – 18s.

It is my opinion, that this deeper water walleye trend is the result of an early spring combined with unsettled weather and a significant cold front. I am expecting to see populations of ‘eyes pulse back shallow in the next few days, especially with the forecast calling for sunny skies and highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

*** Cancellation Notice ***
I did receive a cancellation for the outpost on Vaughn lake for the week of July 8 – 15. This housekeeping cabin on Vaughn has direct boat access to Lac Seul and this time spot is prime for guys targeting Big walleyes. Call the lodge at 800 567 8538 for details.

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Additional Photos for June 23, 2006