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Category: Article

Hi-Speed Theory and Hi-Power Plastics

HOW FAST DO YOU FISH? MY ANSWER – “AS FAST AS THE FISH WILL LET ME!” As guides, we are resigned to the fact and actually appreciate that every fishing….

Low Tech Walleyes on the Canadian Shield

With more and more informed fishing pressure on the water, today’s consistently successful walleye angler is typically a creature of high tech habit. In recent years the world of walleye….

Make Your Own Luck

“That guy is so Lucky… He always manages to catch the big ones!” ” I don’t know how he does it.” We all know one of those guys; the fisherman….

Mega-Sand Structure

Most knowledgeable walleye fisherman are pretty comfortable with the widely recognized structural features associated with the main lake basin. Sunken islands, sand bars, points, and saddles located in or near….

Big Fish Don’t Live in Small Ponds!

Sure, you will occasionally find the odd big fish living in a smaller lake, but a consistent Canadian Trophy Fishery will always be found on a larger body of water…..

Fishing Pressure

How do you know if a lake has old fish? Find out if they have to release big ones. Even the most stable and prolific Trophy Fishery is no match….